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Because it's hard to do anything without money, right? And every little bit helps (a little bit). And a whole lot (which is what everyone wants) helps a whole lot. AddIt, LLC makes money. We make money. You make money. How do we do it? We do it with our Dollars With A Heart technologies and services.

Does it cost you money now to make money? That's not right. You end up with more money when you do it from both ends, the saving end and the making end. That's why we don't ask you for money. We prefer to make it and share it with you.

We know that is probably different from most fundraising things you have heard about, worked with or seen and you may already be thinking, how do you raise money (a whole lot of money) without cost? Well, we can do it because we pioneered a different way to do things. How different? Totally different. And you can find out how totally different when you  click here.

Who we are.

John M. Vines, Managing Member and CEO

Mr. Vines is a graduate of Baylor University with a Masters in Health Administration from Trinity University. He is a CPA and was a partner in two international firms. After more than 20 years of practice, Mr. Vines became the CFO of a major healthcare system consisting of a number of hospitals before becoming the CEO of an internationally recognized medical facility in Memphis, TN.

After retirement, Mr. Vines together with Mr. Hansard set up ADDIT LLC.

Mr. Vines has always been active in giving back to his community by serving on numerous boards of charitable organizations, rising to Chairman of the Board for many of these organizations.

He has also served on the Board of Directors of a number of for-profit organizations, often chairing various committees.

He now brings his desire to continue in business and serving mankind through ADDIT, LLC as it seeks profitable opportunities while partnering with charitable organizations, thus doing business with a soul.

Jerry D. Hansard, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Mr. Hansard has a lifetime of business experience, having worked in his very profitable family business for many years. In his business he has had the opportunity to work with a number of nationally known charitable organizations, developing creative ways to enhance their donor base to enable them to expand their scope of service.

Mr. Hansard has experience with many international companies, having enhanced their bottom line through creative marketing. As a co-founder of ADDIT, LLC he brings his proven creative skills to enhance the financial success of the company as well as a heart for helping his fellow man through creative business arrangements.

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